At the millennium of 1900, after four years of construction, the Chateau Pont-Chevron welcomed the Count and Countess Louis d’Harcourt.
The glory and harmonious proportions of the palace were inspired by the plans from the 18th century and are to be attributed to the very famous in the 19th century architect, COULON who designed the property.

The estate covers an area of 9 hectares and composes of the assembly of corresponding architecture immersed in to French gardens embellished with sculptures by NELSON, shady bowers, rose garden and a vegetable plot with a large greenhouse.

One of the entrance ways leads through the Reception House ‘La Maison de Réception’ situated at the front edge of a large court yard facing the palace. The complex includes a Chapel, reception rooms, cottages and stables.
Behind the palace, the view stretch for more than 2.5km over the gardens, 27 hectares lake and a park with ancient trees offering visitors a pleasant promenade / stroll.

The site of Pont-Chevron is very rich in history and its relicts:
• The Gallo-Roman mosaics from the 2nd century AD found during the construction of the palace are exhibited since 1963
• The remains of a tower dating from the 12th century on the banks of the pond
• The chapel with a long list of priests of the parish offering some testimony to the history of the place.