Le château

The history of Pont-Chevron

The first chateau was built in the middle ages by Chevron family on a lake island, connected to the mainland with a stone bridge.

The present Chateau was built in 1897 by Count Louis d'Harcourt who named it Pont-Chevron in the memory of the Chevron family.

Throughout the last century, Pont-Chevron hosted many famous guests including Amelia the Queen of Portugal, Alfonso the XIII King of Spain and many other prominent persons such as President of the French Republic, French Ministers, world leaders, famous businessmen and soldiers.

Count Louis d'Harcourt, a diplomat in Asia and Europe, gathered many memories and friendships around the world. His wife, born Lanjuinais, is the direct descendant of Jean-Denis Lanjuinais, an author of the French Constitution form Year II and one of the most prominent men of law in the early 19th century. Today, the Count and Countess Jean de La Rochefoucauld, the descendants of Count Louis d'Harcourt, continue the passionate story of Pont Chevron.

«Dans la tourmente de ma vie,  Pont-Chevron m’apporte la quiétude que j’aurai aimé avoir tout au long de mon existence »

Amélie, Queen of Portugal.